One of the Taxing Wealth Report recommendations could solve the pay problems in the UK’s care home system

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noted this in The Guardian this morning:

Care home bosses are demanding the next government funds a 44% pay rise for frontline staff to stabilise the crisis-hit sector and boost a system that is “in an extremely precarious state”.

Care England, whose members include the largest care home chains, is calling for the next prime minister to set a £15-per-hour minimum wage for care workers as part of a £10bn a year support package.

I also noted this comment in the article:

Tax expert and campaigner Richard Murphy recently calculated that restricting pension tax relief to 20% would raise up to £14.5bn a year - more than enough to stabalise social care.

This is exactly why I am writing the Taxing Wealth Report 2024. My intention is to show that problems in the UK can be addressed if only we will raise more tax on the wealthy.

It looks as though this, as a strategy, might be working.

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